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Thread: Colony / happy hour - failure

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    Colony / happy hour - failure

    I can't deliver the message

    Nedoručitelná zpráva / Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender
    Vaše zpráva pro <> ze dne 12.01.2022 nemohla být doručena.
    Zpráva je přiložena.
    You message for <> from 2022/01/12 could not be delivered.
    It's attached below.
    Důvod / Reason:
    4.4.0 smtp; Timeout while connecting.
    Persistent Transient Failure - Other or undefined network or routing status

    I sent the email via google mail and the same, I do not receive any reply or ticket number. Therefore, I know from previous experience that it is not possible to connect with support.


    yesterday I fought on an expedition, unfortunately after recharging the giant colony, a figure with a hammer appeared on the screen and the chat server was reset. Marshals could not move in the colony and I was forced to restart the browser.
    After the restart, the game started, but the expedition ended window with a preview window saying "There were problems in the colony, so it could not be completed. That I will receive the obtained raw materials and I can recharge the colony"

    As a result of this mistake in the game, a large part of the very expensive expeditionary army died and I did not receive a loot, nor could I keep this colony in possession and mine. Of course, I also lost bravery points for not taking over the colony!
    Unclaimed raw materials do not bother me at all, but the loss of a large number of units (I have decimated the army), which I will very expensive to renew for several days, will be very freezing and this fact cannot just be overlooked. It is alarming that such an event can occur.

    For this reason, I am requesting adequate compensation due to an error on the part of the game operator or restoring the units to their original state in the event that it is possible to restore the state of the expeditionary army to an earlier state.

    Thank you very much for the proper and timely settlement. Nick name: Altissimus

    I enclose several screens: (restart the game) (boss conquest maps) (false loot) (post)

    By the way, unfortunately the last Happy Hour also didn't work, a mistake was made - I wanted to buy a package of 52,000 gems, but the shop didn't work at all. So a lot of players couldn't buy gems and an item from the merchant in the "Christmas" tab

    I'm really curious how you comment on this issue.

    Thank you

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    Hello Altissimus,

    We have reported the issue when capturing colonies in the game. As for the shop page, you will have to keep refreshing the web browser and try again after some time. You also have the option to use the "International" shop to buy gems on the Czech server until the shop page is optimized.

    Pokud potřebujete pomoc, prosím kontaktujte zákaznickou podporu, česky. Můžete se obrátit i na mě, ale prosím pouze anglicky.

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