Dear Settlers,

Some of you might have been affected by the recent downtime that was necessary due to urgent database maintenance. And since this situation raised several questions, we would like to answer some of them below.

  1. Why do we have database maintenances?
    The Settlers Online is a live game that is running non-stop for roughly 10 years now, and this comes with a certain maintenance effort. For example, at least once every quarter, we go for rather long database maintenance to optimize it. We also regularly remove data that is no longer needed, such as:
    1. Adventure zones that were finished weeks ago, but for some reason, still remain active on the server-side,
    2. Very old information about the usage of buffs (e.g. Fish Platter),
    3. Old data connected to previous Seasonal Events,
    4. And much more.
    All this is necessary to ensure that our databases can run as smoothly as possible, without any major disturbances.

  2. How come the database maintenance took place during an ongoing Seasonal Event, and not BEFORE or AFTER?
    We try to limit day-long database maintenances as much as possible. Our latest analysis indicated that the next quarterly maintenance can take place after the Easter 2020 Event. However, after evaluating the real data, we realized that we are getting too close to the borderline (certain data piles up over time). And since it is better to be safe than sorry, we have decided to proceed with downtime on very short notice.

  3. Does it mean you do not monitor the usage of database/servers/etc. regularly?
    We monitor all the crucial Key Performance Indicators regularly, and this is how we spotted the "upcoming problem". This time we also factored in some external factors (e.g. higher consumption of computer games) what lead us to the decision of performing maintenance on short notice.

  4. Will you send some gifts for the recent downtime?
    Yes, we will definitely send some gifts out, however, details are still being worked on. More details to come in the near future.

Happy Settling,