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Thread: Dev Diary: Co-op Adventures Rewards

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    Dev Diary: Co-op Adventures Rewards

    Dear settlers,

    The next game deployment will bring along a set of features that you were already accustomed with from a previously published Sneak Peek, or from the test server itself: the Co-op adventures adjusted loots and UI changes.

    Let's take a closer look at these two updates to find out what to expect:

    First and foremost, these are the Co-operative adventures of The Settlers Online: The Siege, Buccaneer Roundup, Lakeside Treasure, Raiding The Raiders, Tomb Raiders and Whirlwind.

    The rewards of these adventures will be changed with rewards of higher value, in order to boost their appeal and encourage you to play them more often. As such, non-producible resources, which can't be produced in that level range, such as Exotic Wood Granite , Titanium Ore or Salpeter will be added, while low-value resources like Fish will be removed. To strengthen the economy game-loop, producible resources will be also removed, with the exception of Coins.

    Apart from the resources changes, the drop chance for buildings will be increased as well. So, for example: in Whirlwind the drop chance for the Bone Church will change from 0.66%, to 4.7%!

    If you're curious to find out more about the resources change and increased building drops, our Game Design Team has provided us with an updated PDF file. All changes made to the coop-adventures are listed in there, as well as all changes and chances on certain loot slots.

    Please download it from our server here.
    * You need a PDF reader or up-to-date browser to open the file.

    The second big update refers to the interface changes; a change which was mentioned last week as well. The aim of such UI improvement relies on making the game more user-friendly. As such, changes to the Star Menu, Trade Office and Production windows will be made in order to improve usability, and player interaction. Check out the full list of changes below:

    • The size of the Trade Office/Sell and Star Menu windows have been increased to show more items and improve usability.
    • All timed production windows (e.g. Barracks, Provision House...) now allow text input when choosing amounts.
    • Automatically input the maximum affordable amount of recruits in the Barracks by default, and set the window focus to the input for the number of entries.
    • "Select/Deselect all filters" has been added to both the Trade Office and Sell Window to improve usability.
    • Buff amounts are updated instantly when applying buffs multiple times in quick succession.
    • It now shouldn't be possible to input "0" as a quantity of any production or buff input.
    • The "Apply Buff" panel should now hide automatically when there is no more buff quantity left.
    • The Combat Preview persistent after applying to a camp so players can see the previews on multiple camps without having to select troops again.
    • Fix scrolling behaviour across all UI windows to be more accurate and consistent.
    • You can now use the "ENTER" key to confirm trades and buffs.
    • You can now use the "ESC" key to exit UI windows and navigate back within sub-panels.
    • Remember the last buff amount if the same buff window is opened to cover the common case where a player wants to split resources evenly between deposits.
    • The window should now focus on the text input when opening the trade window and apply buff panel.

    We hope you will make great use of these updates! Feel free to leave your feedback in the dedicated feedback thread.

    Happy settling,

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    Update 27.07.2018

    Dear settlers,

    We'd like to clarify the rare drops players have witnessed when doing their first few Co-op Adventures:

    When the update was deployed, the generic value for all the rare buildings that could be acquired from Co-op Adventures was set above the guarantee threshold. This meant that when you complete a Co-op Adventure that has the chance to award a specific rare building, it will be a guaranteed drop.

    Please note: this guaranteed drop only counts for the first drop instance of that specific building, not per Co-op Adventure. For example - if you go and complete The Siege for the first time since the update, a White Castle will drop. But if you go and complete Raiding The Raiders afterwards, the White Castle isn't a 100% drop. That's because when you were first awarded the White Castle, your loot guarantee value was reset for that specific building.

    Happy Settling,
    The Community Team
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    Pokud potřebujete pomoc, prosím kontaktujte zákaznickou podporu, česky. Můžete se obrátit i na mě, ale prosím pouze anglicky.

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