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Thread: Best of: Opposite Day

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    Best of: Opposite Day

    Dear Settlers,

    Earlier this year, we asked the Community to share the best way of NOT playing The Settlers Online. The response was priceless - and today we're going to remind you how inspiring and entertaining the TSO Community can be!

    Walking makes settlers strong. Build a single marble quarry on the center right and a single stone quarry on the top zone on the right. You need the longest production time.

    , France

    Buy boxing gloves to play the game!

    , France

    Launch an adventure and invite your friends, have them destroy all the camps. There is no reason to lose your own troops.

    , France

    Generally do not try to understand complicated topics and mechanics. Trade and combat are only for geniuses and tacticians. If there is no map, just wait until someone makes one. If the map is too complicated, just look for another one.

    , Germany

    Only build on sector one and then wait until the fog on the rest of the island disappears.

    , Germany

    How to conquer a colony?

    1. First search for a colony, if possible a big one.
    2. Produce the units you need, if possible the cheapest.
    3. As soon as you have 100 units, put them into a marshall and send them to the colony.
    4. Attack the first enemy camp. Or to optimise it, send the marshall directly to the map boss, they know how to get there by themselves.

    , Germany
    You will see the purpose of the game when you zoom in to the maximum and look at the lovely design of the roof shingles, houses, trees and working settlers.

    , Germany

    Build as many streets as possible. You don't need building spaces.
    Build storage houses as far away as possible, you settlers have to train.
    Assigns multiple fields to every farmer, that way you don't need silos.

    , Germany

    You should not build anything on the island, because that way the animals have more space and you can observe how they play on the fields.

    , Germany

    Simulators and maps are for wussies. Cannons and besiegers do the most damage, so just load the tavern general with those units and send them to the enemy.

    , Germany

    Don't buy limited buildings/items during events. They are too expensive, and you can't even trade them! Use the event resources for decorations, adventures and buffs.

    , Germany

    Use horseshoes in scenarios to find the collectibles faster.

    , Germany

    Do not send explorers and geologists to search. They never get the resources you need.

    , Latin America

    Log in every day except the 7th day.

    , The Netherlands

    This game is about fun, and being a bit social. Sell ​​all your goods for 1 fish in trade! That generosity will add to the positive atmosphere and to your well-being!

    For a clear and convenient layout of your home island, I recommend that you build all your warehouses in one corner. Increased production time is only a side issue.

    , The Netherlands

    Cancel adventures that are about to expire or end.

    , The Netherlands

    Enable Premium time and log out of the Game.

    Try not to improve buildings; this is for weak people. But if you really have to do it - do it for gems.

    , Poland

    Go alone to cooperation adventures. Satisfaction guaranteed; maybe losses are bigger, but no one else will get the loot.

    , Poland

    Use crossbowmen against the cavalry in adventures! They attack from afar and the cavalry dies long before it reaches your crossbowmen.

    , Russia

    Don't ever use improved specialists. Especially generals.
    Use only recruits. It's cheap and more interesting!

    , Russia

    Don't use such thing as "distractions" in adventures. Only direct attacks will allow you to feel the true satisfaction.

    Take part in other players' adventures if they invite you. Kill one unit and go to sleep - you won't get any XP points, but this will surely add a lot of adrenaline to the other participants. Gained loot will be a fair reward for your generosity.

    , Russia

    Use a 48-hour buff on a ready-to-collapse mine. That will definitely keep it working...

    , UK

    Activated your premium when you go to holiday, better if your Star Menu is clear.

    , UK

    Place only foresters, and no cutters. Your sawmills are overrated and your island looks better covered in trees.

    , UK

    Spend gems, never save gems and never ever buy a gem pit. If you do, then you will wait for years to get gems back.

    , UK

    Start a venture right after you placed 20x lots of production queue in both of your provision houses.

    , UK

    After buying a lootspot, promptly fall asleep.

    , UK

    Send Quartermaster Santa back home from adventure as soon as he lands, without unloading the army.

    , UK

    Trick your friends' silos so they can enjoy that year-round Halloween feeling. What better way to ensure they'll be thinking about you.

    , UK

    Place only cutters, and no foresters. Birds will bring the seeds from somewhere.

    , UK

    To avoid losing too many troops on adventure, cancel it when you get to that really difficult final camp.

    , UK

    Go Vegan, ban Hunter's Deerstalkers from your island.

    , UK

    Only buff inactive guild members.

    , UK

    If you really want to make the most of any Event, make sure you start upgrading all buildings to level 5 or even 6 the day before the said event starts...

    , UK

    Never sleep any of your buildings. Always run them until they run out of resources.

    Make sure you build a good network of roads on your island. That way there will be less clutter of buildings everywhere.

    , US

    Forget it is a game and act like it is real life.

    , US

    Make sure to post trades in help tab and global tab and ask help questions in global tab and trade tab because everyone likes it when you post in the wrong tab much more than if you were to post in the correct tab.

    , US

    Buy resources for gems. Why wait to produce them?
    Guard the Mayor's house with your troops. It is a dangerous world out there.
    Be very careful whom you befriend. They might steal things from your island.
    Don't join a guild. They might steal things from your island. Besides, you can buy guild coins, when needed.
    Don't bother upgrading buildings. They take a long time to produce anything anyway.

    , US

    Find a level 50 player or higher and buff all their sleeping buildings with rainbow snow.

    , US

    We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did! Here's some sound advice from us: Don't listen to these jesters!

    Happy settling!
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